Data planning

Data insight and intelligence

Defining the focus for clients and new business. Who is the target audience? What insights can we gather from customer, transactional or external data overlays? What are the sales and marketing opportunities within the customer base and new business acquisition?

Data strategy development

We deliver data strategies that encompass data acquisition, golden fields, database creation, data protection, data cleansing rules, segmentation and profiling, CRM programme strategy, and joining up on and offline data. All strategies are grounded in practical realities of the data landscape and current technologies, combined with years of experience.

CRM and PRM planning and execution

We map the customer journey and key touchpoints whilst using data to understand your customers. This helps us develop meaningful communication plans that are right for your customers and your company.

Insight mining

We know the data you should concentrate on, how you should use it to develop customer relationships and what will grow your business.

Data and list buying

External lists are needed for acquisition and data overlays. We work with list specialists to find those hard to reach prospects.

Database design

Your CRM programme is only as good as the data you hold and the database it is held in. We have years of experience in designing CRM databases that will allow you to deliver insights, target the right customers, communicate with them through their channel of choice and evaluate the results.

Database management

We work with a select number of third party suppliers who can build and manage your database. We can manage this relationship on your behalf or work with your own suppliers/IT department.

Profiling and segmentation

We can access so much data today. We will guide you through this maze, putting forward actionable segmentation solutions from RFV to geo-demographic segmentations.

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