John Wallinger
Head of Data/CRM & Insight Founder of The Marketing Planning Practice

In the world of data planning, I am a bit of a hybrid. Whilst we have distinct skill areas from list buying and segmentation to modelling and database management, I am not a statistician or an IT expert. I have come from a marketing background and have used data to aid planning, targeting and decision-making.

I have worked mainly in the small and medium agency sector, as well as working on the computer bureau side of the business.

Agency experience includes Craik Jones, HS&P (now Crayon), BMP, FCB and Ogilivy & Mather Direct.

Clients have included: Honda, Land Rover, Boots, Diageo and Unilever.

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Twitter: @dataplanner


I work with a team of Associates, who are specialists in a variety of marketing planning disciplines.

Together, we cover data and digital planning, brand development, econometrics, analysis and modelling, market research and mobile marketing.